About Bastaix

Bastaix is a meeting point between the past and the present, a place where to drink, eat, learn and experiment. Located in El Borne – La Ribera, one of the wealthiest neighbourhoods in culture and history of Barcelona city, Bastaix gives tribute to this district. This wine and tapas bar is a soft and delicious mix of tradition and vanguard.

Its name

Bastaix gives name to the "Bastaixos", those who were the main reason of Santa Maria del Mar church construction, with the help of the seaman and the neighbours of the area.

Bastaixos act for devotion, assuming the rough task of carrying all the necessary bricks from Montjuïc to this point (almost 4km). Their work of conveying the huge stones on their shoulders and, later on, cutting them in the correct shape by hand was a volunteer task.

Its name